svn status codes

svn status [PATH…]

The first seven columns in the output are each one character wide, and each column gives you information about a different aspect of each working copy item.

For each updated item a line will start with a character reporting the action taken. These characters have the following meaning:

  • U: Working file was updated
  • G: Changes on the repo were automatically merged into the working copy
  • M: Working copy is modified
  • C: This file conflicts with the version in the repo
  • ?: This file is not under version control
  • !: This file is under version control but is missing or incomplete
  • A: This file will be added to version control (after commit)
  • A+: This file will be moved (after commit)
  • D: This file will be deleted (after commit)
  • S: This signifies that the file or directory has been switched from the path of the rest of the working copy (using svn switch) to a branch
  • I: Ignored
  • X: External definition
  • ~: Type changed
  • R: This file got replaced. / Item has been replaced in your working copy. This means the file was scheduled for deletion, and then a new file with the same name was scheduled for addition in its place.
  • E: Existed

A character in the first column signifies an update to the actual file, while updates to the file’s props are shown in the second column.

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