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Don’t put your resume ahead of the requirements

Book: 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Author: Richard Monson-Haefel

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97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know – 1/97

As engineers we sometimes recommend technologies, methodologies and approaches for solving problems because deep down we want to have these on our resume and not because they are the best solution for the problem. Such decisions very rarely result in happy outcomes.

The best thing for your career is a long string of happy customers eager to recommend you because you did the right thing by them and for the project. This goodwill will serve you orders of magnitude better than the latest shiny object in the latest shiny language or the latest shiny paradigm. While it is important, even critical, to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies this should never happen at the cost of the customer. It‘s important to remember that you have a fiduciary duty. As an architect you have been entrusted with the well-being of your organization and its expected that you will avoid all conflicts of interest and give the organization your undivided loyalty. If the project isn’t cutting edge or challenging enough for your current career needs then find one that is.

If you can’t do that and you are forced to be in such a project, then you and everyone else will be happier using the right technology for the customer rather than for your resume. It‘s often difficult to resist utilizing a solution that is new and cool, even when it‘s inappropriate for the current situation.

With the right solution, the project will have a happier team, a happier customer and overall far less stress. This will often give you time to go deeper into the existing older technology or to learn the new stuff on your own time. Or to go take that painting class you always wanted to do. Your family will love you for it, too – they’ll notice the difference when you get home.

Overall always put the customer’s long-term needs ahead of your own short term needs and you won’t go wrong.

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By Swatantra Kumar

Swatantra is an engineering leader with a successful record in building, nurturing, managing, and leading a multi-disciplinary, diverse, and distributed team of engineers and managers developing and delivering solutions. Professionally, he oversees solution design-development-delivery, cloud transition, IT strategies, technical and organizational leadership, TOM, IT governance, digital transformation, Innovation, stakeholder management, management consulting, and technology vision & strategy. When he's not working, he enjoys reading about and working with new technologies, and trying to get his friends to make the move to new web trends. He has written, co-written, and published many articles in international journals, on various domains/topics including Open Source, Networks, Low-Code, Mobile Technologies, and Business Intelligence. He made a proposal for an information management system at the University level during his graduation days.

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