save username password in putty to auto-login

For some versions of Putty it’s as simple as:
putty.exe -pw mypasswordforexamplecom
For those using Windows, you can simply create a shortcut and pass in those parameters. For example:
  1. Create a shortcut on desktop to putty.exe
  2. Rename the shortcut to “PuTTY –”
  3. Right-click shortcut and choose Properties
  4. Modify the target similar to: “C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe” -pw password
  5. You can also use IP Address of host in place of domain host name
  6. Click OK
Otherwise, you need to use a public key as explained here : “Creating and Copying Your Key-Pair in PuTTY SSH Client”.
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2 thoughts on “save username password in putty to auto-login”

  1. Hello Swatantra Kumar,
    Thanks for the info on “save username password in putty to auto-login”
    The procedure works for the first time login. If we try to restart or duplicate session, the password is requested again.

    Is there any solution to avoid this.

    Thank you.

    1. You can create the shortcut on desktop, and use this shortcut to open multiple session without supplying credentials manually again and again.

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